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' Illusions of Grandeur

“A social unit of any size is important to note. A community can be your family, your guild, your server, your game as a whole, the entire gamut of gamers. It can also be aligned with ideas, such as feminist gamers, LGBT gamers, and Christian gamers; all sub-communities of both gamers and their respective shared values. Communities are important, because they shape, validate, and reinforce identity. When communities clash, the results can be illuminating, and/or infuriating.” Talarian writes about WoW’s sub-communities and pushing for change.

# [Epic Guitar Riff Here]

YouTuber Johnny Pear plays an awesome cover of the Heroes of the Storm main theme.

! Many Locks! Handle It!

Warlocks are getting a title for completing their green fire quest chain before WoD drops. Watcher confirmed that it’d be account-wide… but only active for Warlocks. And who doesn’t have multiple locks?

' I Now Pronounce You Orc and Wife

“This MMO marriage phenomenon gained momentum last month when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn director Naoki Yoshida told Japanese website Famitsu that a marriage system is in the works for the Square Enix hit. This system will feature elaborate costumes, matching rings, and undisclosed perks for the bride and groom. And during developer talk today at the giant Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow, Yoshida confirmed that same-sex marriage will be available in A Realm Reborn’s next patch.” Rory Appleton looks at the complex state of marriage in MMOs.

" (Data)mining for Gold

Say what you want about Reddit, but good stuff comes from the /r/wow and /r/diablo communities. Friedkale posted about the newly datamined rarity of affixes and calculating your chances while enchanting gear in Diablo. If you’ve always thought that certain affixes are rarer than others, well, you’re not imagining things.

& Bloody Horrible

Farming Bloody Coins was once a miserable grind that killed the drive of many achievement farmers. But no longer! (Except if you’re a healer.) CM Lore announced a few changes to Bloody Coin farming as well as a few quality of life changes to the Fire-Watcher’s Oath item. The buff to the Bloody Coin droprate wasn’t high enough at around 10% per killing blow, so they buffed the droprate to 100% per killing blow. Now it’s not as horrible. (Except if you’re a healer.)

+ Speaking of horrible grinds, there’s another buff in town: The Gaze of the Black Prince increases reputation gained with the Black Prince by 100%. And if that’s not enough, it also increase the chance of obtaining items needed on your Legendary Cloak journey.

% That Way

This week’s header image is “That Way”, a Night Elf-inspired piece by Anna-draws-things.

' Hit Me With Your Best Shot

From what we’ve learned in the Alpha, info released on pet battles is rare. Sure, we’ve seen new breeds, but there are apparently quite a few adjustments on the horizon for pet battling. Liopleurodon documents pet battles in the WoD Alpha and explores the new accuracy changes released in the latest build.

! Secret Agent Man

Doubleagent is a Pandaren without a faction. And he’s almost level 90. How? Wha? Yep. In order to leave the Pandaren starting zone – and to continue on their questing journey – players must choose a faction. But Doubleagent decided to level without choosing a side, which means he’s leveled all this way via gathering professions. As of yesterday, he only had 26.7% left to go until level 90.

" Mathy Stuff

During the Mists of Pandaria beta, the thread that turned into the theorycrafting thread was a huge benefit to the community. Game Designer Celestalon started a new theorycrafting thread for the WoD Alpha focusing on all things mathy and stuff. Head over if you have questions about new gameplay mechanics, if you’d like to discuss how to best simulate a new spell or whatever other spreadsheet and theorycrafting things make your heart sing.