Shaman totem art

' Work It

Who says playing video games is a waste of time? Symantec’s COO, Stephen Gillett, includes his World of Warcraft experience on his résumé. And it has paid off. It helped him land a job at Corbis, and eventually Starbucks. “I put my qualifications on my résumé when I apply for jobs,” Gillett said. “Here’s my guild. Here’s my ranking. Here’s my biggest online achievement. Some people look at it and say, ‘What the hell is this?’ And others will be like, ‘That’s exactly what I’m looking for.'” It’s not a bad idea. Gillett says that he includes his WoW achievements on his résumé because it shows he exercises leadership in both the physical and virtual realms. Maybe I should add a new section to my résumé…

! Macro Macros

If you’ve ever capped the number of macros in your collection – good news! Taepsilum and Celestalon announced changes to macros coming in patch 6.0 including an increased number of macro slots and a new conditional.

% Storm, earth and fire, heed my call!

Azrajin created the art featured in this week’s header image.

" Take the long way home?

If you’re looking for an easy way to power through bounties in D3, split farming may be the answer. Although it pretty much defeats the togetherness behind multiplayer gameplay, split farming in Diablo 3 is one of the most productive ways to play. Tysker86 asks Reddit Diablo to share their tips on making longer bounties less time consuming.

' The Slow Grind

Becky Chambers started playing WoW in 2005. It was a slow, but steady, start. As her gaming literacy improved over time, she experienced a reversal in playstyle. “My appreciation for the medium has deepened, and I’m confident in my skills, but something has changed along the way. I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking things slow. … Gaming culture always operates at a frenzied, fevered pitch. I think I sometimes miss the days when my engagement with games felt like a long, slow soak instead.” Chambers shares her journey in re-embracing the slow grind.

& Under the Hood

You know that feeling when you cast a Lay on Hands or Guardian Spirit on the tank and they still fall over? You know you cast the spell – it’s on cooldown. It sucks, but that feeling is one healers are accustomed to. But things may be changing in WoD. Celestalon posted about a very large upgrade to game responsiveness coming in the expansion. It has to do with lag, server requests, how those are processed and how things will change. Good stuff!

! Memetastic

Community Manager Zarhym asked for examples of historical WoW content that has gone viral over the years. I’ve Storified some of the community’s responses and favorites.

" n00b

When I rolled a Hunter ages ago, I wondered why my pets hated me. They never seemed to stick around for long. I eventually found out – through means I wish I could remember – that I had to feed my pet to get it to stick around. We’ve all been noobs at some point. Reddit WoW discusses their worst noob moments. Ah, memories.

& We’ll Do It Live

Publicizing your content can be tough. You may be running a Twitter profile, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account… I could go on. For Twitch streamers, it’s becoming easier to cross-promote your live broadcast status on YouTube with Twitch Live Annotations. “Twitch Live Annotations enable a promotional alert that appears on all of your YouTube videos the instant you start broadcasting. These alerts are designed to direct people watching your videos on YouTube to your content as it happens on Twitch — keeping your current audience up to date and even bringing new viewers to your channel.” djWHEAT offers a video rundown.

' Getting to Know You

It’s time to prepare! There are only 135 days left until BlizzCon 2014. You may be thinking about what to pack or where you’re staying, but what about the people you’ll meet? “I get that as gamers, many of us tend to be introverts. We shy away from large crowds. We don’t like doing the hand shaking or the high-fiving.” Matticus puts together helpful tips for networking at BlizzCon. Rule number one: Don’t be limp. With your handshake, of course!