' The Top

The Military Quarter just opened in Hearthstone and as new cards are released into the wild, the metagame shifts bit by bit. Blizzpro takes a look at the new Curse of Naxxramas cards and picks the top five game-changers.

! Lookin’ Good

Transmoggers rejoice! The bane of cute outfits is banished! Weapon enchant visuals make or break an attractive set of armor. Many times, the visual ends up mismatching – there’s only a small handful of relevant weapon enchants at one time. That means having to possibly put up with a horrible blinding yellow beam of light hiding the staff you spent weeks farming. Not for long! Crafticus confirmed that we will have the ability to change our weapon enchant visuals in WoD.

" Tap Dat

In a previous issue I linked to a post about outdated MMO tropes, which included mob tagging as one of the big no-nos. Gloriaboboria took it to the forums and players were overwhelmingly receptive. Watcher even stopped in to comment on the topic. Which had me excited until I figured out that he was getting around to saying, basically, “I see what you mean, but, nope.” To Blizzard, mob tagging helps questing stay social (although I have many experiences that say otherwise), so it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon.

+ Alternative:Chat talks mob tagging: “Ten years on, a lot has changed in the gaming world, but people still resent the need to group with strangers to finish their content. Maybe it is because Blizzard keep giving them reasons to play alone in so many other places that they’ve gotten used to doing that as a preference.”

# History of the World: Part I

The Warcraft universe is an expansive one. Although we will celebrate the WoW 10th anniversary this November, Blizzard kicked off the Warcraft franchise with Warcraft: Orcs and Humans in 1994, a full 10 years before WoW was released. That’s a lot of lore. So many lores; what do I do with all of them? Nobbel87 put together an impressive video covering the history of Warcraft from start to present day.

& The zoos are coming! The zoos are coming!

PC Gamer’s Tim Clark interviews Hearthstone senior game designer Ben Brode and production director Jason Chayes about their favorite new Curse of Naxxramas card combos, their thoughts on Zoo madness, how the Gadgetzan Auctioneer almost faced the nerfbat, and (most of all! ahem) whether we’ll ever get more deck slots.

' Karma Police

Feckless Leader adds to his “Don’t Be That Player” series with a post on beggars – and how to be better at asking and giving – in the game. “In fact, I dare you to help out next time you encounter a beggar, but don’t just give your money away. Ask them what it’s for. Gear? Maybe they aren’t aware that they’re better off questing and running dungeons since any purchased gear would be quickly replaced. Gold? Turns out they want to buy bags, and you’ve got a tailor sitting on a ton of extra cloth. Either way, nobody gets hurt, a random player gets a little help, and you get to go to bed knowing you’ve made Azeroth better place for at least one person.”

% Boomchicken

Smh- created this week’s featured header image. Now with more (boom)chicken!

# Foxy

Blizzard is revamping Aspect of the Fox in WoD, allowing hunters and party members to cast on the move. Bendak explores a few fun things to do with the spell.

' Favoritest of Them All

Feelings of nostalgia are running high in the community since Blizzard’s recent announcement of the WoW 10th anniversary celebration. As we wait for what’s next, Sportsbard shares a timely post on his favorite patches. What’s yours? [Nostalgia feels intensify.]

+ Speaking of nostalgia, you should check out Alternative:Chat’s “10 Years :: 10 Questions” project and answer her questions via email, blog post, survey, or carrier pigeon.