My name is Kristin Marshall, and I like to read all the things.

I’ve been obsessed with learning and reading about things since, well, forever. The internet has supercharged my habit and I’ve amassed a huge collection of RSS feeds and Twitter lists. Blizzard games hold a special place in my heart and I probably consume more Blizzard news than I’d like to admit. But, eff it, I’m amongst brethren. It’s a lot.

So I thought, why not put some of this awesome Blizzard stuff in front of people’s faces?

Blizzlist features a handpicked list of ten of the most interesting items in the Blizzard community, curated weekly. It’s easy to miss interesting Twitter exchanges, blog posts, and other content over the course of the week! Stuff gets pushed out of sight in no time. My goal with Blizzlist is to to deliver unique content straight to your email inbox and browser every week.

As the site (hopefully) grows, I want to expand my offerings to include fun, helpful longform reads like guides and opinion articles.


In the newsletter, as well as here on the site, you’ll see icons next to items. Although the content curated here will cover all things Blizzard, I’ve created categories for each item so you immediately know what kind of content is behind the link.

! Things from Twitter. Discussions, interesting tweets, etc.
' Blog posts.
% Art from or inspired by Blizzard franchises. Fan art, developer art, etc.
& News items.
" Forum posts and discussions.
# Podcasts, videos, and other media.

Get in touch

I’m all around the interwebs – stop by and say hi. I’m @kristin and @blizzlist on Twitter! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop me a line!