Hi there! So, this issue doesn’t include news from the recent Warlords info dump. I will release a special mid-week issue of Blizzlist dedicated to all things Alpha!


' See Ems

“Countless adventurers continue to brave the most trying versions of Mists of Pandaria dungeons, but the clock is ticking. This “season” of Challenge Modes will be coming to an end with the upcoming release of a patch prior to the expansion’s release.” Blizzard announced the end of this round of CMs not too long ago, but it wasn’t clear what would happen for Warlords. The good news: “The Undaunted” title and Phoenix mounts become account-wide. The bad news: Players lose their realm-best titles.

+ Watcher expands on why the realm-best Challenge titles are being removed.

" Ask Me Anything

What’s the difference between teleportation and portal creation? Can worgen reproduce naturally? What is the original Naaru name of the ship the orcs named Oshu’gun? The community’s most burning questions answered by Blizzard historian Sean Copeland in a new round of Ask Creative Development.

! Ch-ch-changes

Classes often see fundamental changes when an expansion is released. An additional resource to manage, a complete reworking of spells, or a change to the overall feel of a class can cause players to reroll. “U NERFED US!1!!” is a common argument, too. Matthew Rossi asked his followers about it:

% Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

“As the days drew ever-closer for the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™, artisans from around the world rallied the tools of their trade in order to portray the Heroes of Sanctuary or Malthael preparing for the coming conflict. There were over $11,000 worth of prizes and a two-night trip to Blizzard HQ in Irvine, California up for grabs, so the competition was sure to be as fierce as any battle within Sanctuary!” Indeed it was. The Diablo team announced the winners of their fan art contest.

+ Mr–Jack on DeviantArt created a set of fantastic Heroes of the Storm paintovers.

+ TyphonArt’s “Bulky Murloc” is this week’s featured header.

" The Management

WoW offers guild masters tools to manage their guild easily – viewable “last online” information, various rank options, and more. But the new D3 clan system isn’t as leader friendly. TheFennec on Reddit discusses current clan management issues.

& Friend Request Accepted

If you leave your Battle.net desktop client open all the time, you’ll discover the new chat feature available to the app when someone messages you in the middle of watching Netflix. Oh, that’s just me? Well, Blizzard just released Battle.net chat through the desktop app. Now where’s my “invisible” status so I can hide from everyone?

+ In the interest of privacy, Strumpet101 goes over a key setting for Battle.net users: Friends of friends.

" Clicker

“Back then, I heard about people insulting those who clicked, referring to them as ‘noobs’ as a more common word.” There’s no “right” way to interact with the UI in WoW. Some of us are clickers, some of us are keybinders, and some of us fall somewhere in between. Community members of The Inconspicuous Bear forum talk about clicking and how to transition to the world of keybinding.

! Mount Runs, Here I Come

Last week, Watcher discussed the instance cap and considered adding a timer to assist players in tracking a reset. This week, he revealed that they’re easing the cap:

& Secret Cow Level

Bonus loot alert! Those who purchased Diablo III: Reaper of Souls can claim an Expert Card Pack (or Packs) in Hearthstone. Depending on the version you have you can expect one or three packs.

+ “The iPad version of Hearthstone brings all of the features and excitement of deck-building and dueling your friends that’s currently available for PC right to your fingertips.” Hearthstone for iPad was released in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Everyone else: You’re out of luck! (For now.)

! Throwback

Every Thursday, Twitter is flooded with visions of days past in the form of cute babies and parachute pants. A few folks at Blizzard have joined the #ThrowbackThursday trend with their own posts of old school dungeon diagrams and class design notes. I can get on board with that!