Legen… wait for it… dary!

Crusader fan art by Smilewithdk

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' Pay to win?

“The argument that Hearthstone is a pay-to-win game is straightforward: Blizzard sells Hearthstone cards for real money. Players who are willing to spend lots of money on the game can amass arsenals of powerful cards to use in their decks, and steamroll players who have more limited resources.” Why farm for gold when you can buy card packs with real money? Would it really be all that great in the long run? Daniel Friedman debunks the myth that Hearthstone is a pay-to-win game.

" Legen… wait for it… dary!

Ever feel like RNG is working against you? It probably is. IncGamers gathered data on all Legendary drops in D3 and crunched the numbers. If you’d rather not know that your Wizard only has a 5.08% chance to see a Thunderfury on Master, don’t look at these charts.

! I Believe I Can Fly

Magdalena starts a great discussion on the state of flight in WoW.

& Super Buff

I earned my legendary cloak later than most of my raid members because I swapped mains in 5.4. Collecting Sigils and Runestones is one of the many bottlenecks in the quest chain and I never want to do it again. So much for my alts, eh? Well, Wowhead datamined a buff from the 5.4.8 PTR that grants increased Black Prince rep and legendary quest item gains.

' Get Hyped

“There are a few pet related items that have been added or named due to feedback from the pet battle community. The meaning of this is twofold. One: It’s really fuckin’ cool. Two: It means that the pet battle developers are not turning a deaf ear to their customerbase. They are listening, they are interacting, they are encouraging.” Gloria lists five WoD pet-related things to get hyped about.

! Where’s Chromie when you need her?

WoW players are (rightfully) concerned about how to earn achievements and farm transmog gear from old LFRs and scenarios. There has to be a better way! Watcher confirmed an awesome solution: NPCs.

" L2Raid

“Are you new to the game? New to raiding? Been raiding for a while but can’t seem to get things down or want to get better at raid awareness? Don’t know the fights? Sort of know the fights but think you still need some help? Sentry Totem is here to help!” Guilds founded by the community site Sentry Totem will be running flex mode Siege of Orgrimmar as a teaching clinic of sorts. Whether you’re experienced and are interested in volunteering or would like to improve your play and learn the ropes, Tickletotem is looking for you.

% To battle!

Smilewithdk created the powerful Crusader fan art in this week’s featured header image.

' Not Bad at All

There will always be complainers. But sometimes things just aren’t right and complaining makes sense. Like when Lesser Charms claimed an inventory space. The devs listened and removed the charms from our bags, adding them to the currency system instead. But people still complained. Too many to spend? Too annoying to earn? In the end, the Lesser Charm system turned out to be a good addition to the game. Grumpy Elf talks about things in MoP that Blizzard did right, even if people complained about them.

" Dat Booty

“At the moment we just have normal, cursed, and resplendent chests. How about a chest jammed full of gems, with a gem encrusted case? A pirate chest just full of gold, say 100k, and it fills up your screen? A Legendary chest with a giant beam of light? We need more epic moments in-game that get players excited, like when we find a goblin rift!” Reddit Diablo dreams up all types of new chests they’d like to see in Diablo. My vote is for a chest that releases a stampede of treasure goblins.

Warlords of Draenor Alpha Resource Guide

Community Powered Patch Notes! Alpha info dump crits you for over 9000! Welcome to Blizzlist’s Warlords of Draenor Alpha resource guide. This is a special issue focused on all things Alpha and will be added to over time, so be sure to check back in for updates.

UPDATE, April 20, 2014: All newly added resources will be shown in green!
UPDATE, July 24, 2014: The Alpha turned into the Beta a while back, so look for major updates to this guide soon!





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