When I started Blizzlist, I figured it’d be a learning process. And it has been! I didn’t know how my bookmarking system would work out. I wasn’t quite sure what day to publish the weekly issue on or what time of the day was best. I had to ignore rethink my marketing instincts with the Blizzard community because it was nothing like past experiences with predictable demographics.

“These people are likely to read this thing at this time.”

“You should tweet now to optimize your reach.”


Not so with this community. It transcends US timezones and a single age group. Sure, for marketing purposes, I imagine Blizzard has in-depth demographic information about their customers. But I’m just guessing here. So I just chose Monday. I thought, “alright, it’s the beginning of the work week. Let’s go with that.”

But I’ve learned a few things as issue #12 comes to a close:

  1. This takes more time to put together than I’d originally predicted.
  2. I need to work on the issue over the weekend if I want to release it by Monday morning. Especially if news doesn’t pick up until mid-week. I can gather items during the week, but I can’t write until I’ve chosen the final ten items.
  3. If I have plans over the weekend, putting the issue together by Monday makes everything complicated.
  4. I don’t like losing most of my free time over the weekend and I want to play more Diablo.

I kept pushing ahead even though I’d been losing out on a few weekends of relaxation. But this morning I thought, “why the heck am I forcing myself into this situation? I DO WHAT I WANT!”

So, I’m going to release Blizzlist issues on Tuesdays from now on, starting this week. One, it frees up more of my weekend. Two, it lines up with WoW maintenance day. And that’s kind of appropriate.

As always, thanks for reading.