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Garrosh Down!

Last Sunday, after 553 pulls on Heroic Garrosh, we finally killed that butthead. It’s been a long road, but this… this feels so good. Garrosh is an encounter about execution and raid composition. So when we faced attendance issues or internet issues, Heroic Garrosh became so much more than just executing mechanics. I suppose many encounters are more than their mechanics, but going through ever-changing raid compositions took a toll on our group.

Some nights we didn’t even match past weeks of progression on the fight. Some raids were completely cancelled due to summer attendance issues. Raiders were pushed beyond their comfort zones and familiar specs. On this encounter alone, I ended up playing every spec a monk can play. I went face-to-face with burnout. I just wanted this thing to die… we all did. After we downed Garry, I told Tikari that it was the first time for a while that I’d left raid feeling truly satisfied. I’m sure my guildies felt the same.

It wasn’t all bad though. I learned a lot about my monk. Things became second nature in my off-spec-turned-main-spec. Little things, progressing to a new phase and seeing pieces fall into place, felt so good. I felt bonded with my guildies – this encounter was the first end-tier boss I’ve killed with Apotheosis.

So, now that we’re “finished,” it’s time to re-clear for the first time in months. Although the cycle starts anew, in a sense, I feel at ease. Bring it on, Draenor.


  1. At this place at the moment on HC ScBf…chipping away at it!

    • HC ScBf can be a beast! So much riding on individuals doing what they’re supposed to. Best of luck – you’ll get it soon :) And it’ll feel goooood!

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